Poetry 'n Prose

Altar of Love

I built you an alter
with the god of happiness
a buddha,
a glass dolphin
a book of celtic prayers
golden words that caused such hope

And oft I think I see you
on the pier
by the seaside
or out to sea
over in the mizen
or up on the hill
where we made our heather bed,

under willows by the brook
my search continues
for the key to your world
feels vanquished
while the dragon is hiding the moon

still the light ripples;
I love you,
place none above you
I love you,
place none above you

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

24 replies on “Altar of Love”

I admire, applaud and appreciate your blog. It offers such source of inspiration and is just simply beautiful. The words gathers the art and brings the whole piece alive. Although I sense I am near the end of the road with my blog, I will continue to follow yours.
Blessings indeed x

It’s a long story, so apologies in advance… I was diagnosed last year with a Prolactinoma (a growing lesion of the Pituitary Gland) although the symptoms were there years before.
I won’t go into details here except to say the disease affects my daily physical, emotional and psychological well being. I am strong some days, some days weak, and this comes with a need for a sabbatical, a rest or something more permanent, which is where I’m now at.

On a positive note, 67paintings has been an incredible journey for me, both emotionally and spiritually. I have been through personal changes and found travellers on the road to greater awareness.
So Mei, I am eternally grateful to you and others bloggers, who have joined me along the way, who have helped lift my game. A blessing it has been.

I am very sorry to hear about your illness….
Lee, I don’t know what to say but please be known that you are not alone…you have me, and other fellow bloggers. Saya mendoakan semoga Tuhan memberikan yang terbaik untuk anda.
I’ll be here in case you need someone to share.
Stay blessed!


With my spare time I should learn what Saya mendoakan semoga Tuhan memberikan yang terbaik untuk anda means. Although the words have hugged me, so completely. Love to you too, with a million thanks for your warm and humbling words.

It means May God will give the best for you…, he he take time to learn Indonesian….remember I promised you that I will show you the beauty of Indonesia.

Mei, I’d love to take you up on that one day. The Indonesian language and the culture have always fascinated me, since I was 10 years and resident in Australia.

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