About 67 Paintings

The ideas transmitted through words have always been the most important thing to me. I’ve always been interested in what is behind the story. There is the facade of what is read and what is written—I’m always interested in what’s behind it. I’m in favour of accepting the fact that when one is writing one is always writing about oneself, no matter how you express yourself on whatever issue.

Poems communicate and conveys feelings and emotions. I think that it is through an examination of one’s self that one reaches an examination of everything else. A poem lives in different places, in different contexts. When you read a poem to yourself, that is performance. It’s a different artistic experience when it’s on the page and you read it to yourself. And it’s a different artistic experience when it’s read to you—especially by the poet.

The role of the poet is the same as that of anyone else—to examine why we are here and what we’re going to do while we are here. The most important thing in art is life. I don’t think you can divorce art from life. The duties of the poet are the duties of confronting honesty, confronting one’s behaviour and confronting how one treats other people.

When you read the poem to yourself, you are interpreting the poem totally in your own way. If I read one of my poems to you, it can make the poem only one thing—my interpretation. When I read my poem, I present my view of my work. The job of any artist is to give the reader, listener or viewer a means of imagination and interpretation.

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l’ve never expected greater exposure from TV to support the development art. In some ways TV is anti-art, because its based on entertainment value. Art doesn’t need to be popular or widely applaused. I guess I’m also with the painter Robert Henri when he said the useful artist is one who examines his or her life and shares it with others. If this happens then the artist can be thought of as successful.

Interesting blog. I’m somewhat intrigued. Art; visual, audio, it’s all subjective. At fifty something, I still love Dr. Seuss. A poet and an artist of whimsy. Deep, shallow, funny, sad, it is what the observer takes away. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter what I think. Thanks for the “Follow”.

He he I read my children Dr Seuss, regularly and it tickles my obscure sense of humour too. I fully accept / agree you view re. subjectivity. I always believe humans are capable of anything, except objectivity. But lacking telepathy we have to open the doors of perception ourselves to communicate art in all its forms …and it lends itself to other possibilities (ie community) and that’s the most important thing. Thanks for dropping by.

Thank you for this Lifesmiles, I’m really touched. I’m also a luddite when it comes to wordpress. What do I need do to spread nominations to blogs that are my inspirations?
Very best wishes to you

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