Poetry 'n Prose

The Visitation

You again, and even here

Back-lit against the window pane

It’s as if you bring me

Words of a possible way to be

Of things I could only say with you listening

Things that don’t have sense without you

Like a gleam coming in through

The window, its light reflected off piled snow

Yes, and I’m stunned by

You again, you in this room here with me

Perhaps you’re shrugging,

Shaking your head

At every least thing I’ve said

Or else unfocused on a pattern-less rug

Like the blue bright sky.

You again, and even here

The downtown bar

I worship one shot at a time.

Hearing you in waves

Of Gabrielle’s song

Reminding me of Dylan’s

‘Knocking on heaven’s door’.


You again, pleased to be noticed

By one more stranger,

Sitting in the corner

Attractive smile that hints of a wildness

But she’s not you

Defunct firms, bars, non-places

Impinging on my senses

Deferring hope, just for a moment

Sooner or later, you’ll return

You again, you’re here now

Completing my big hand


Like the grip I felt

When you said “don’t fret, don’t forget…”

You again, though truth is;

You never went away.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

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