Poetry 'n Prose


I love the sounds
I love all the sights and sounds
of this house
I love the way we
our bodies
very gentle and warm
after waking and hot tea
peace is a lake inside my chest
arms and head
the entire contents of my skin
stilling the mind

glancing at the apple tree
in the kitchen we work
tasting goodness
in home-grown herbs
it feels right
beyond self-consciousness
you could frame the light
falling in a familiar mystery
where my heart
precede me gently
full of peace and wonder
warm and delicate

in synchronicity
everybody’s dreams lives
as personal as a thumbprint
we share our happiness
so much of our life’s
love, depth,
energy, vision
youth and age,
words like bubbles flowers
or bright lights popping out
of their mouths centred
on a goodnight kiss.

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

4 replies on “Affirmations”

quite lovely….all as “personal as a thumbprint” which is it’s beauty to me.

Affirmation of life… ad love… and the peace that comes from acceptance and submission. I read it many times over and felt the silence and peace wash over me.
Thank you for this!

Affirming life is really all one can do. Life, its all around us, there’s no separation. I was relating to what we’ve been writing about, spiritual life – simply opening up of ourselves to inner peace…beyond words… as you say.

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