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To Be Human

    I’m glad my life isn’t perfect,
    I’m proud that I make mistakes,
    I’m happy I have my problems in life…
    It reminds me I’m real,
    I’m human… I’m me.

    – Mei Rozavian Wenyi*

Living the moral life matters
Where even dissent is conviction
The older we get
The more temporary things look
And yet the insistence
In those conjunctions;
Myth, fantasy or truth
They confound us, to be honest

Though we can speak of love
With heady proportions of trust
We are too small to measure
Ourselves against suffering
Ravaged by time we go on,
Outstretched to what we might do
Hence our search for meaning;
Out gaining everything
Except pain and loss

Perhaps we need to have
Our heads bent to the ground
For a sense of connection
Maintaining a care, for each other
Alive and dying
That grieves us and saves us
Grieves us and saves us
Saves us from ourselves
And gives us what we need
To be human.

*Used with kind permission

By 67paintings

A dialectical site of poetry, painting and the odd musical excursion into the unknown.

6 replies on “To Be Human”

By looking down we will feel that we are above and be grateful for anything we have in life. I believed things that happens in life always has purpose.

Wonderful…., I really love it.

Thank you so much Lee

Stay blessed.

What was that quote?
In the book of life every page has two
sides: we human beings fill the upper
side with our plans, hopes and wishes,
but providence writes on the other
side, and what it ordains is seldom our
Don’t fear failure so much that you
refuse to try new things. The saddest
summary of a life contains three
descriptions: could have, might have,
and should have.

Louis E. Boone.

Once we look down, once we are humbled in spirit, then birth is giving to the spirit so that one looks up, one shares, one hopes fearlessly, one walks in holy strength, one dances in delight for the old things are washed away, no longer is there a need to look to the past…for now the fullness of the eternal one has lifted you and annointed your life with heavens sweet oil that many others will see what happens when one chooses to serve…because as you become the bright light they see, that God rewards those who humbly seeks his love…no reason to bow your head again except in prayers of thanks for His always abiding love in your heart. Wonderful post!

Thanks for your comment Wendell, much appreciated.

My poem was about living with doubt. As a natural born agnostic, I’m constantly reminded of my own doubts. They are many and they help keep me focused in “doing no harm” But, as you may have guessed, I do have belief or faith, in humanity, in our indomitable spirit, though it takes time to be reconciled with suffering in life. But that’s ok and to be expected, after all faith is necessary because we don’t *know*.

So for me it’s about keeping open to the longer view, living with courage, risking taking, loving the life we are blessed with; but also understanding our mistakes, for what they are, a chance to change… though of course it isn’t always easy and the future isn’t ours to see, but we can hope it least whenever, where ever hope can be found that we are on the right track. Its worth a try.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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